For your holiday or stay in Dordogne, visit the castles, gardens, and museums of Périgueux with the Grand Périgueux Pass! Access the must-haves in Périgueux and its surroundings (Brantôme and Sorges). Find the ideal formula for your stay (short or medium) in Périgueux: 4 visits valid for 5 days, 6 visits valid for 10 days or 8 visits valid for 1 year and get free admission among the 15 Pass partners. Check the list of tourist sites included** in the Pass Grand Périgueux and compose the menu of your à la carte tours!

*Free entry depending on the number of visits in the chosen formula.

**Please note that some sites are closed depending on the time of year or require prior booking. It will therefore be prudent to check the opening days and times as well as the terms of visit with them or the Tourist Office of the Grand Périgueux.

comment ça marche ?

Do you have your Grand Périgueux Pass? Present it at the entrance of each site you want to visit, to get in for free or with a discount. The first use of the Pass activates its period of use. So, you can buy it in advance for the next holiday or to give it as a gift!

vos avantages

Nature walks; museum visits à la carte with the Grand Périgueux Pass! Free admissions depending on the number of visits included in the chosen package! Discounts at other partners sites*! PERIBUS, free urban transport in Périgueux!

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